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We understand that you don’t need a diesel generator for the home that’s capable of powering a small town when the lights go out. Our 5 kVA home generator range is perfect for small homes.

But if you think a power outage shouldn’t mean sacrificing comfort, step into our generator for Standard Homes. Above 5 kVA range home generators are designed to keep your lifestyle running seamlessly.

For businesses, a commercial generator ensures uninterrupted operation, safeguarding against losses during power failures.

Both types of generators offer peace of mind but require different considerations in terms of size, capacity, and application. Understanding these needs is crucial in selecting the right generator, whether it’s for a bustling business or a cozy home.

Key Considerations for Picking the Best Generator for Home and Commercial Backup Power

  • Starting vs. Running Wattage

Appliances often require more power to start than to run. This is known as the “starting wattage” and is higher than the “running wattage.” Make sure your generator can handle the highest starting wattage you’ll need.

  • Simultaneous Use

Also, consider if you’ll be using these appliances simultaneously. If so, you’ll need a generator that can handle the combined load.

  • Efficiency

Generators work most efficiently at 70-80% of their maximum load. So if you buy a 10 kVA generator but only use 2 kVA, you’re not being fuel-efficient or cost-effective.

  • Phase

Most residential setups use single-phase power. Commercial generators usually offer three-phase power, which is often unnecessary for home use.

Doing a bit of math can save you time, money, and headaches. Knowing your power needs helps you select a home generator and commercial generator that’s the right size for you. To take the guesswork out of calculating your power needs and selecting the perfect generator, don’t miss our comprehensive generator sizing guide available on our website.

By Brand
By Type
By Size
By Sound Intensity
Price Range
Home Generator-Standard Home

Small Home

  • Need a generator in the power around 5 kva

  • Total watts appliances around 5,000 watts

  • Microwave and kitchen appliances

  • Fridge and freezer

  • LED Light Bulb
  • Mobile Phone Charger
  • Essential Medical Equipment
Home Generator-Large Home

Standard Home

  • Need a generator in the power range of 6.5-10 kva and beyond.

  • Total watts appliances above 5,000 watts

  • Microwave and kitchen appliances

  • Fridge and freezer

  • LED Light Bulb

  • Mobile Phone Charger

  • Essential Medical Equipment

  • Additional appliances:

    • Central air Conditioner
    • Entertainment system
    • Home office
    • Washing Machine and dryer
Home Generator-Large Home

Commercial Backup

  • Need generator 10 kVA to 500 kVA or beyond

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Data centers

  • Retail, manufacturing, commercial, and industrial sectors

Generators for Small Home

Pramac P6000 230V 50HZ

The Pramac P6000 230V, a leader in the silenced class, is the perfect generator for residential use or operation beyond regular hours. It’s a popular quiet choice for off-grid solar backup or mains power support.


Pramac P4500 230V 50HZ #CONN #DPP

The Pramac P4500 230V is perfect for minor power backup needs. Ideal for handling various everyday applications.

Pramac Inverter P3500i HAU

Pramac Inverter P3500i HAU

This inverter provides stable power for electronics, boasts an efficient OHV engine, and offers fuel-saving and noise-reduction features. Its compact design includes USB charging and an easy transport handle.

Generators for Standard Home

Kubota Diesel Generator KJ-T300-AU-B Series

The Kubota KJ-T300, boasting 8.8 hours of operating time, is ideal for primary backup generators.

Pramac P12000 400V 50HZ

Low noise level, it is the ideal generator for use in residential areas or outside normal working hours. It’s equipped with a reliable gasoline engine, first class components and complete instrumentation.

CD Power Core Series 70102000 16kVA

CD Powers core series 16kVA can be relied upon to be used as backup, stand-alone or emergency power.

Generators for Commercial Backup

Kubota Power Generator Series KJ-T130-AU-B, 2-Year Warranty

The Kubota KJ-T130-AU-B diesel generator, offers 9.3 hours of operating time. It’s a top choice for primary producers, construction, industrial hire, mining sites, and contractors needing sustained power for their tools in the field.

Deutz G-Series DPS 220 DG Generator, 2-Year Warranty

The heavy-duty 220 kVA G-series diesel generator from DEUTZ Australia is tailor-made to fit the unique business and farm needs of our region.

CD Power Core Series 70103000 25kVA diesel generator, 1-Year Warranty

The CD Power Core Series diesel generators, designed to withstand Australia’s harsh conditions, offer 25 kVA of reliable power.

Feel free to browse our extensive catalogue or chat with one of our experts to find the generator that’s just right for you. After all, why settle for less when you can have the best?