Australia’s Most Rugged Power Solution

Why choose the BESS Unit?

  • Decarbonise your operation with the CD Energy Services BESS M3, our 4th Generation solution.
  • Engineered for maximum energy reliability in harsh Australian environments, developed using the knowledge gained from over 35 years of supplying remote power.


CD Power has over 35 years experience as a complete remote power solution provider.

  • All warranties are centralised to a single CD Power Contact point
  • Should any warranty implementation needs arise, Continuous Reliable Power operation is dealt with first, then we take care of any relevant warranty claims, using either:
    • CD Power’s 5 year ‘no quibble’ comprehensive warranty
    • Extended warranties available
  • Take comfort knowing CD Power manufactures our products for leasing, and with that comes a servicing infrastructure with reliable continuous power operation as our number one focus.
  • When things don’t go to plan, our remote operations team of technicians have the experience, capability and competency to firstly enable your system’s best level of continuous power operation, then simultaneously implement efficient, fast and cost effective solutions for complete system restoration to its optimal performance.

“Leading the energy transition”

An Australian owned business that has been providing remote power solutions to the Australian oil and gas industry for over 35 years.

We are proud to lead the transition to a cleaner future.

Tom Reid – Managing Director