Powering Every Caravan Adventure with Pramac’s Caravan Generator

Heading out on an overnighter, weekender or a full-blown expedition? CD Power has the caravan generator for you. Our range is specifically designed to suit your travel needs, ensuring you’ve got the power you need no matter where you’re going. Get your generator today, and never worry about losing power again.


For those who love the open road, the caravan experience is about more than just movement. It’s about living independently and comfortably on the journey. Central to this comfort? Power. This guide demystifies choosing the right Pramac generator for your caravan, ensuring every journey is smooth and enjoyable.

First, calculate the total wattage your caravan needs by adding up all the appliances you’ll use simultaneously, such as a fridge (200 watts) and a microwave (1000 watts). You’ll need at least 1200 watts, excluding other devices. Don’t overlook initial power surges, especially for air conditioners, to prevent outages or damage.

Select a generator between 2000 to 3000 watts when powering your caravan’s aircon. Ensure it can handle the initial startup surge and allow it to run for a few minutes before activating the air conditioner.

Safety is equally vital in your caravan adventures. Placement of the generator is key: store it in a well-ventilated area and secure it properly for travel using compartments or mounts. When connecting the generator to the caravan, use appropriate connectors and ground it, avoiding direct connection to a wall outlet as it’s hazardous.

At CD Power, we’re more than just providers; we’re your trusted partners on every caravan journey. With our exceptional range of Pramac caravan generators, we aim to ensure every mile of your adventure is uninterrupted. By accurately assessing your needs and following these guidelines, you can confidently choose the right generator for a worry-free journey. For any queries or personalised recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Price Range

Overnighter Range

  • Recommended for short caravanning trips.

  • Compact but powerful.
  • Designed to keep essential gadgets like phones, cameras, or camp lights charged.
  • Portable, efficient and suitable for solo or couple campers.

Weekender Range

  • Suitable for family outings or weekend trips with friends.
  • Balance power and portability.
  • Keep electric stoves, mini-fridges, and sound systems running smoothly at the campsite, adding comfort and convenience to your caravanning experience.

Expedition Range

  • Recommended for long-term caravanning with large groups.

  • Ensuring essential appliances – from air conditioners to microwaves and TVs – are powered up throughout your caravanning adventure.

  • Deliver reliable and high-capacity power for a wide range of devices.
  • Enable comfortable caravanning with ample power supply.

Overnighter Range:

Pramac Inverter 2000i

This compact generator, with its 2.00 kW output, is perfect for powering small gadgets or a single camp light. Ideal for solo campers or duos.

Pramac Inverter 2200i HAU

A touch more powerful, with a max power of 2100 Watts, it can power larger devices, such as a small fridge or multiple lights.


Boasting a max power of 2500 Watts, this generator is ideal for small groups, capable of powering several devices at once.

Weekender Range:

This model offers 4.2 kVA of power, ideal for larger groups or heavy power demands, like air conditioners or microwaves.

Our high-capacity generator with 6.0 kVA power is perfect for extensive caravanning expeditions or larger campsites, ensuring a reliable power source for all your caravan necessities.

Expedition Range:


With a 7.2 kVA output, it’s perfect for family trips or small groups, capable of powering multiple devices simultaneously.

MES 8000 Recoil Start

This MES 8000 variant offers a reliable power source for small to medium-sized groups, ideal for powering larger devices.

We understand that choosing the ideal generator for caravan adventures can be challenging. That’s why we at CD Power are here to help you choose the ideal generator for caravan adventures. Our comprehensive guide is designed to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your travels.