Why a Petrol Generator is the Right Choice for Camping and Trade Construction

Petrol generators offer portable and dependable power for diverse needs, whether you’re exploring the outdoors or working on a bustling job site. They ensure you have the energy you need, whenever and wherever you require it.


If you love spending time outdoors, whether camping, boating, or engaging in other leisure activities, a petrol generator is a must-have. With one at your disposal, you can enjoy modern conveniences like lighting, charging devices, and cooking appliances, even when you’re off the grid. CD Power’s recreational generators are designed to be portable, quiet, and fuel-efficient, adding convenience to your outdoor experiences without breaking the bank.

For those in the trade or construction industry, the importance of reliable power is well understood. Whether working on a construction site or in a remote area where electricity is scarce, a petrol generator from CD Power is essential. Providing the steady power needed for tools, lighting, and other vital equipment, these generators are crafted with a focus on versatility and reliability, making them a valuable addition to any job site, big or small.

Understanding your unique needs and the distinctions between recreational and trade generators helps guide your decision-making process. Careful consideration of these aspects ensures you invest in a petrol generator that will serve you well for years to come, whether for personal enjoyment or professional use.

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Price Range

Recreational Generators

  • Recommended for outdoor adventure, camping or caravanning
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Quiet operation
  • Budget-friendly options

Trade Generators

  • Wide options for big or small construction projects
  • Reliable power to keep the project on track
  • Lower initial costs

Recreational Generators


P2000i HAU

This compact generator, with its 2.00 kW output, is perfect for powering small gadgets or a single camp light. Ideal for solo campers or duos.

P2200i HAU

A touch more powerful, with a max power of 2100 Watts, it can power larger devices, such as a small fridge or multiple lights.


P3000i HAU

Boasting a max power of 2500 Watts, this generator is ideal for small groups, capable of powering several devices at once.

Trade Generators

PX5000 230V 50Hz #AVR #HAU

This model offers 4.2 kVA of power, ideal for larger groups or heavy power demands, like air conditioners or microwaves.

PX8000 230V 50Hz #AVR #HAU

Our high-capacity generator with 6.0 kVA power is perfect for extensive camping expeditions or larger campsites, ensuring a reliable power source for all your camping necessities.



A powerful and economical engine, a strong and modern design and a long-run easy-filling fuel tank. Perfect for intensive use, this generator is equipped with a control panel which allows to integrate of many accessories and options for better comfort and optimal command.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a seasoned tradesperson, CD Power has the perfect petrol generator to suit your needs. Explore our wide selection and find the best fit for your recreational or trade applications today. Feel free to contact our expert team for personalised recommendations.