Application of these Terms and Conditions

  1. The subsequent User Agreement stipulates the rules associated with any website upheld by CD Power (subsequently referred to as “the Website”). Anyone utilising the Website acknowledges that their use signifies their consent, both personally and on behalf of any individual or entity for whom the Website is accessed, to comply with this User Agreement in all interactions with the Website, including engagements resulting from information received via the Website. CD Power holds the privilege to adjust the User Agreement at any juncture, with changes becoming instantly operative upon their visibility on the Website. Website users are encouraged to revisit this portion of the Website each time they access it.
  2. If any individual contravenes this User Agreement, CD Power possesses the right, without obligation of disclosure or justification, to limit or cease the user’s access to the Website, ban the user from any future utilisation of the Website, and/or pursue pertinent legal measures.
  3. In the context of this User Agreement, “use of the Website” pertains to obtaining or striving to obtain access, whether directly or indirectly, immediate or otherwise, through any electronic or alternate methods, to any data made available due to the creation of a link to the Website. This includes leveraging the Website for communication with CD Power or any other entity or for accessing any other site or apparatus. The phrase “use of” concerning other sites and a “user” of the Website or other platforms carries a similar connotation.
  4. Crucial Disclaimers
    CD Power does not imply that it, its agents, or its employees possess any specialised knowledge, competency, or qualifications pertaining to decision-making regarding the appropriateness of certain products under specific applications, environments, or situations that users of the Website may encounter. The purpose of the Website is to furnish concise and general information that may serve as the groundwork for more detailed research and contemplation. The Website should not be utilised as a primary source for evaluating or determining product suitability in specific instances. CD Power offers no assurances, guarantees, or warranties, either explicit or implied, regarding the precision or comprehensiveness of information, content, specifications, notions, viewpoints, or product details obtained through the Website or any accessible material via the Website. CD Power offers no certainty regarding any product’s adaptability under conditions or applications that a user of the Website may encounter. To the maximum extent permissible by law, all liability towards users of the Website stemming from the use of the Website or actions taken due to the use of the Website is disclaimed.
  5. CD Power emphatically advises all Website users and potential users of products referred to on the Website to seek advice from suitably trained and experienced technical consultants to aid them in selecting appropriate products, particularly where product failure could result in risks to personal safety, property damage, or financial loss or damage. CD Power will not be held responsible for any losses or damages of any sort experienced by anyone as a result of using the Website.
  6. CD Power procures rate and product data from a third party. This information can be accessed from our main page. The control over this rate and product information does not rest directly with CD Power. Hence CD Power holds no responsibility for its accuracy. The product information provided on this site should not be perceived as financial, taxation, or any other professional advice and should not be depended upon as such. CD Power advises that, prior to making any financial decisions, you consult with a suitably qualified professional.
  7. Exemption of CD Power from Liability to Website Users
    Users of the Website, by using the Website, concede and acknowledge (personally and on behalf of any individual or entity for whom they use the Website) that they will not assert any rights to bring any claim against CD Power for any damages or losses, whatsoever, resulting from the use of the Website or any link to another site. Should any issues be encountered with the Website, its usage, the information it contains, or a link from the Website, CD Power requests to be notified. CD Power will conduct an investigation into the matter and take any measures it deems suitable.
  8. Protection of CD Power from Liability to Third Parties
    In utilising the Website, users agree and acknowledge (both personally and on behalf of any individual or entity for whom they use the Website) to safeguard and hold CD Power, along with its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, and employees, unaccountable from any loss, liability, claim, or demand that any third party might raise due to or arising from the use of the Website. This includes any costs, expenses, or expenditures incurred by CD Power in defending such a claim or seeking compensation from the Website user (or a principal represented by a Website user) concerning it, inclusive of the reasonable cost of CD Power’s employees, agents, and legal representatives.
  9. Search Results and Connections
    The Website may encompass or automatically generate search results that refer to or connect to third-party websites across the World Wide Web or other information obtained from entities or individuals other than CD Power. CD Power exercises no control over these websites, the content they contain, or the procedures used by the entities or individuals that supplied the information. CD Power does not assure, represent, or warrant that such content (whether on the Website or other websites) is technologically reliable, precise, lawful, and/or innocuous. CD Power does not advocate the content of any third-party site, nor does CD Power guarantee that the content of a third-party site will not contain viruses or otherwise affect a Website user’s computer.
  10. Authorised Use
    Users of the Website, through their use of the Website, accept and acknowledge (personally and on behalf of any person or entity for whom they use the Website) that they are only authorised to use the Website, visit, view, and retain copies of the Website’s pages for their own personal use. Users must not replicate, download, publish, alter, or otherwise distribute the material on this Website for any purpose other than personal use unless explicitly authorised in writing by CD Power to do so.
  11. Prohibited Use of the Website
    CD Power categorically disallows the use of the Website for activities that conflict with CD Power’s commercial and legal interests or for the collection or spread of information contrary to the law. Unlawful and/or unauthorised uses of the Website, unauthorised replication of information contained within the Website, or linking of the Website to any other site are strictly prohibited. Suitable legal measures, including civil, criminal, and injunctive relief, may be taken without notification.
  12. Cessation of Website Usage
    At CD Power’s absolute and unrestricted discretion, and without prior notification or explanation, CD Power may limit or terminate a user’s access to the Website or any portion thereof. CD Power may also close down, reconfigure, or modify the Website, any of its parts, and any content accessible through the use of the Website. Additionally or alternatively, CD Power may pursue any legal or practical avenue available to it, exercise any available remedy, and may delete information or remove any material from any source if CD Power, at its absolute and unrestricted discretion, believes that the material might violate these Terms and Conditions, infringe upon the rights of CD Power or others, or that the material is offensive, in poor taste, imprudent, contrary to CD Power’s commercial or legal interests, in violation of any law, or otherwise unacceptable. Users of the Website concur that monetary damages may not provide a sufficient remedy to CD Power for infringements of these terms and conditions and consent to injunctive or other equitable relief for such infringements.
  13. If a user’s ability to use the Website or any part thereof, or any content accessed via the Website, is terminated, interrupted, suspended, limited, or restricted, the user does not have the right to demand, insist on the reinstatement or restoration of, an entitlement to use or access the Website or any part of the Website, or any content accessed via the Website, or to claim any compensation, damages, or other payment from CD Power.
  14. Disclosure of Information
    Without prior notification or explanation of its actions or reasons, CD Power may disclose information regarding a user of the Website if mandated by law or subpoena or if CD Power deems the release of information necessary, expedient, or appropriate for addressing, detecting, or rectifying any violation of these Terms and Conditions or any illegal or detrimental activity. Under no circumstances will CD Power be required to provide any compensation or payment to a user of the Website or any other individual as a result of any such disclosure of information.
  15. Intellectual Property
    The copyright of the images available for viewing on the Website, and all material presented by CD Power, is vested in CD Power or other publishers. CD Power does not permit the reproduction of any of the material contained on the Website for any purpose other than personal use.
  16. Site Content and Software Ownership The content and software on the site belong to CD Power and/or its suppliers and are safeguarded by Australian and international laws for the protection of trademarks, designs, patents, copyright, and trade secrets (“intellectual property”), along with the common law, whether or not specific material is identified as being protected by intellectual property rights. CD Power may present notice of intellectual property rights and credits acknowledging their existence on parts of the site, but the absence of such notices does not imply that such rights do not exist or are forfeited. Any such notices, acknowledgments, or credits should not be removed from the site and should be included in any material extracted from the site.
  17. Usage of Cookies CD Power uses cookies on its website to enhance your online experience. Cookies are small files placed on your device by websites, collecting data about your usage of websites. Various types of cookies serve different functions. For instance, session cookies are active for a single session, assisting in the completion of application forms or surveys. In contrast, persistent cookies are stored on your device, helping websites recall your information and settings when you revisit them.CD Power uses cookies for several purposes, including:
  • Assigning an identification number to your Internet browser (this number does not allow for personal identification)
  • Recognising if your browser has previously visited the website and retaining your settings/preferences
  • Monitoring and reporting on website usage
  • Identifying other pages or third-party websites accessed by your browser
  • Personalising your experience, including access to our services on our websites. This could include providing customised content, support, and advertising relevant to your interests and needs.
  • Enhancing security and detecting fraud.

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