Unleashing the Power of Pramac Generators for Camping

No matter if you’re an overnight adventurer, a weekend explorer, or an expedition enthusiast, CD Power has got the perfect Pramac generator for you. We provide a comprehensive array of robust, reliable, and efficient generators to ensure you always have the power you need when off the grid.


When you escape the everyday grind and embrace the tranquillity of nature, the last thing you want to worry about is power. Yet, all too often, camping means compromising on the comforts and conveniences we take for granted. At CD Power, we’re committed to making your camping experience as enjoyable as possible with our range of Pramac Generators. Our robust camping generators offer a perfect blend of adventure and convenience.

Selecting the right generator for your camping needs may raise questions like, “What size generator is best for camping?” or “How do I choose a camping generator?” The answers to these questions depend largely on your specific needs, and at CD Power, we’re here to guide you.

Choosing the right camping generator involves considering several factors:

  • Determine Power Requirements

Identify the devices you need to power. Choose a camping generator to meet these needs based on its total wattage supply.

  • Consider Portability

Pramac Generators are compact and easy to transport, fitting seamlessly into your rugged lifestyle.

  • Check Noise Levels

Pramac camping generators operate quietly, ensuring you can enjoy the peacefulness of your surroundings.

  • Assess Fuel Efficiency

Consider the generator’s run time and fuel type. Pramac generators are fuel-efficient, providing maximum power output while minimising environmental impact.

Our Overnighter Range, ideal for camping generators, is the ultimate companion for the minimalist solo camper or the dynamic duo. Compact yet potent, it’s engineered to keep your essential gear like phones, cameras, or camp lights powered up, ensuring you don’t miss capturing a single adventure.

If a weekend getaway with family or a bunch of mates is your idea of unwinding, our Weekender Range, suitable as both camping and caravan generators, is your go-to. It balances power and portability to keep your campsite’s electric stove, mini-fridge, and sound system running smoothly, ensuring you can cook that perfect steak and enjoy your favourite tunes outdoors.

For those epic camping adventures with larger groups, our Expedition Range provides high-capacity power to run key appliances such as air conditioners, microwaves, and TVs. Why compromise on watching the big game just because you’re off the grid?

Pramac Generators offer customised power solutions to cater to different camping needs. They are reliable, portable, quiet, and eco-friendly, making them a must-have companion for every camping enthusiast. With Pramac camping generators, you no longer need to leave the comforts of civilisation behind when you venture into the wild. Camping now come with both the freedom to explore and the convenience to enjoy. Unleash the power of Pramac – where the power of nature meets the comfort of home.

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Overnighter Range

  • Recommended for short camping trips.

  • Compact but powerful.
  • Designed to keep essential gadgets like phones, cameras, or camp lights charged.
  • Portable, efficient and suitable for solo or couple campers.

Weekender Range

  • Suitable for family outings or weekend trips with friends.
  • Balance power and portability.
  • Keep electric stoves, mini-fridges, and sound systems running smoothly at the campsite, adding comfort and convenience to your camping experience.

Expedition Range

  • Recommended for long-term camping with large groups.
  • Ensuring essential appliances – from air conditioners to microwaves and TVs – are powered up throughout your camping adventure.
  • Deliver reliable and high-capacity power for a wide range of devices.
  • Enable comfortable camping with ample power supply.

Overnighter Range:

Pramac Inverter 2000i

This compact generator, with its 2.00 kW output, is perfect for powering small gadgets or a single camp light. Ideal for solo campers or duos.

Pramac Inverter 2200i HAU

A touch more powerful, with a max power of 2100 Watts, it can power larger devices, such as a small fridge or multiple lights.


Boasting a max power of 3300 Watts, this generator is the perfect blend of compactness and lightweight design for both recreational and commercial use.

Weekender Range:

This model offers 4.2 kVA of power, ideal for larger groups or heavy power demands, like air conditioners or microwaves.


Our high-capacity generator with 6.0 kVA power is perfect for extensive camping expeditions or larger campsites, ensuring a reliable power source for all your camping necessities.

Expedition Range:


With a 7.2 kVA output, it’s perfect for family trips or small groups, capable of powering multiple devices simultaneously.

MES 8000 Recoil Start

This MES 8000 variant offers a reliable power source for small to medium-sized groups, ideal for powering larger devices.

Make sure to consider your specific camping needs and conditions when choosing from these recommendations. At CD Power, we strive to ensure your outdoor experience is powered effectively, efficiently, and eco-consciously.