Regular Generators and Inverter Generators Comparison

Looking for a portable, efficient, and quiet power source? Inverter generators are the way to go. With fuel-efficient engines, clean power output, and compact designs, they’re perfect for camping, emergencies, and powering sensitive electronic devices.


When it comes to choosing a generator, one of the key decisions you’ll face is whether to go for an inverter generator or a regular one.

Inverter generators have the upper hand in several areas:

  • They produce cleaner & more stable power
  • Ideal for sensitive electronics like laptops and smartphones.
  • They’re also notably fuel-efficient, adjusting their engine speed according to the power load, saving you fuel money over time.
  • Their compact and lightweight design makes them highly portable, perfect for camping or emergency use.

Inverter generators use advanced technology to convert raw AC power to DC and then invert it back to a pure sine wave AC output. This not only ensures higher-quality power but also allows the generator to adjust its engine speed based on the load, making it more fuel-efficient and quieter. 

Conversely, here is the regular generator’s work:

  • Operate at a constant speed, often consuming more fuel, especially when the power load is low.
  • They are Noisier and are usually bulkier.
  • While they may come with a lower initial price tag, the long-term costs could add up due to their lower fuel efficiency.

Sure, they might be cheaper upfront, but regular generators have their drawbacks. Switch to an inverter generator from CD Power and experience the difference in quality, convenience, and efficiency. 

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Pramac Inverter P Series

  • Suitable for residential or recreational settings.
  • Suitable for sensitive electronics.
  • Often resulting in better fuel economy.
  • Generally quieter due to variable engine speed.
  • Compact and lightweight.

Traditional generators

  • Consuming more fuel, especially when the power load is low.
  • Typically noisier.
  • Suitable for intensive use.
  • Usually heavier and larger.
  • Often less expensive upfront but may incur higher long-term costs.

Pramac Inverter P Series


P2000i HAU

This compact generator, with its 2.00 kW output, is perfect for powering small gadgets or a single camp light. Ideal for solo campers or duos.

Pramac Inverter 2200i HAU

P2200i HAU

A touch more powerful, with a max power of 2100 Watts, it can power larger devices, such as a small fridge or multiple lights.


P3000i HAU

Boasting a max power of 2500 Watts, this generator is ideal for small groups, capable of powering several devices at once.

Traditional Generators

Pramac PX8000

Our high-capacity generator with 6.0 kVA power is perfect for extensive camping expeditions or larger campsites, ensuring a reliable power source for all your camping necessities.

Pramac PX5000

This model offers 4.2 kVA of power, ideal for larger groups or heavy power demands, like air conditioners or microwaves.


Pramac MES 8000 Electric Start

With a 7.2 kVA output, it’s perfect for family trips or small groups, capable of powering multiple devices simultaneously.

Ready for a more versatile, efficient, and convenient power source? Explore our range of Inverter Generators and elevate your power game.