Benefits of Implementing Utility Grade Stand-Alone Power Systems (SAPS) in Rural Australia to Replace Sections of the Electricity Grid.

Electricity Utilities aim to replace sections of the power grid in rural areas through a programme in collaboration with state governments and customers. Electricity Utilities are using Stand-Alone Power Systems (SAPS) to cut costs of supplying renewable electricity to remote areas while increasing the reliability of power and reducing bushfire risk. CD Power was contracted to deliver multiple SAPS solutions by its project partner SkyGreen.


  • CD Power successfully developed Utility Grade SAPS in Regional Australia.
  • The system provides continuous, reliable power using the latest renewable technology housed in ruggedised enclosures built to withstand the harsh outback environment.
  • All systems come with full safety and compliance to Australian standards with remote monitoring and configuration.
  • The systems are modular and scalable, providing greater flexibility in design with a long service life to reduce installation and operation and maintenance costs.


EPC Partner: SkyGreen an arm of the Skybridge Company


How can Utility Grade SPS be tailored to meet the specific energy needs of each site, and how can maintenance costs be reduced? 

  • CD Power’s extensive experience in developing Utility Grade SAPS for over 5 years allows for tailored solutions to meet specific energy needs.
  • The modular and scalable nature of the systems enables flexibility in design, accommodating the power and energy requirements of each site.
  • CD Power’s RAPS systems are complemented by custom-modified generator designs that double service intervals, effectively reducing on-site maintenance costs.
  • The extended design life of the backup generator further contributes to cost reduction and improved maintenance efficiency.


How can Utility Grade SPS be monitored and optimized for maximum efficiency?

  • CD Power’s Utility-grade SAPS are equipped with an advanced IoT system that enables remote monitoring and configuration using 4G or Satellite connectivity.
  • The IoT system allows for real-time optimization in the field, enhancing system reliability and minimizing the requirement for on-site visits for diagnostics and maintenance.
  • The SAPS are designed to operate safely and reliably in diverse conditions, including extreme weather events, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and system performance.

The case study shows that Utility-grade stand-alone power systems can provide a solution to the challenges of providing electricity to remote rural properties in Australia.


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