• CD Power, at the forefront of off-grid energy storage, employs an Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) process to provide customised and efficient energy solutions tailored to clients’ needs.
  • The company differentiates itself with a deep industry knowledge, a seasoned team of experts, and a commitment to sustainability, bringing innovative power solutions to the market that integrate seamlessly with existing generators.
  • The ODM process at CD Power includes stages like conceptualisation, design, business case development, customised solution development, and rigorous quality assurance, ensuring products meet high standards.
  • With over 35 years of experience, CD Power’s Wingfield factory emphasises quality, showcasing their long-standing ISO9001 accreditation and commitment to producing top-notch energy solutions.


As the Chief Technology Officer at CD Power, my team and I are at the forefront of the exciting and rapidly evolving world of power generation and energy storage solutions. In our pursuit of innovation, we have honed our expertise in Original Design Manufacturing (ODM), a process that allows us to deliver highly customised and efficient energy solutions to our clients. In this piece, I will provide a comprehensive insight into our capabilities, our unique ODM process, and the range of services we offer.

Firstly, Understanding OEM and ODM:

In manufacturing, two key terms delineate the relationship between manufacturers and brands: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM). In the OEM model, the buyer presents a pre-defined design and product specification to the manufacturer, who then produces it or white label an existing product. This model is akin to buying a solution to a known problem. Conversely, in the ODM model, which we adopt at CD Power, the manufacturer designs and builds a product to solve a problem presented by the buyer. This process involves us understanding our clients’ distinct challenges and offering tailored solutions that best address these issues.

CD Power’s ODM Expertise:

At CD Power, our unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation has led us to develop a suite of battery solutions that are revolutionising the energy sector. With over 35 years of experience, CD Power has consistently utilised its design and engineering teams to provide innovative power solutions to the market. Our ODM process allows us to create products that seamlessly integrate with existing generators, delivering a green alternative to traditional energy sources.

The ODM Process: A Step-by-Step Overview:

Our ODM process is marked by thoughtful collaboration, meticulous design, and rigorous testing. Here’s a step-by-step overview of how we work with our clients to deliver tailored solutions:

  1. Conceptualisation: Every project begins with an in-depth discussion withour clients. We work to understand their specific needs, their vision, and the problem they’re facing. This collaboration sets the foundation for a successful ODM engagement.
  2. Analysis & Design: Once the problem is well-defined, our team gets to work on a comprehensive analysis and design phase. We draw on our technical expertise and cutting-edge technology to develop innovative solutions that align with our clients’ needs.
  1. Business Case Development: A robust business case is essential for any successful project. We work closely with our clients to evaluate the viability, costs, and potential returns of the proposed solution. This ensures our ODM process remains strategically aligned with the client’s objectives.
  1. Customised Solution Development: Following the business case approval, our team begins to transform the design blueprint into a tangible solution. Leveraging our expertise in product design and our state-of-the-art facilities at Wingfield, we ensure that each product we create meets our exacting standards of quality and performance.
  2. Quality Assurance: Our commitment to excellence extends to our quality assurance process. Each solution undergoes thorough testing and evaluation to ensure it meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.


Process Step

OEM Responsibility

ODM Responsibility 

  1. Conceptualisation
  1. Analysis and Design
  1. Business Case Development
  1. Customised Solution Development
Manufacturer or White labelManufacturer
  1. Quality Assurance

Our Unique Value Proposition:

What sets CD Power apart is our unwavering commitment to delivering tailored solutions that exceed customer expectations. We pride ourselves on our deep industry knowledge, our team of experts in electrical/industrial design and mechanical engineering, and our ability to tackle unique challenges with innovative solutions.

Showcasing Wingfield’s Manufacturing Prowess:

Our Wingfield factory stands as a testament to our manufacturing capabilities, bolstered by our enduring ISO9001 accreditation for over 10 years. Optimised for efficient production, testing, and quality assurance, our factory ensures that every product we deliver meets the highest industry standards.

Our Wingfield (Adalaide) Production Centre

M3 Off-grid Power System

A1 Off-grid Power System


At CD Power, we are driving the future of energy storage with our unique ODM process. Our commitment to collaboration, innovation, and excellence positions us as a trusted partner for businesses navigating the shift towards renewable energy. With CD Power, businesses can be confident that they are partnering with a team that is at the cutting edge of energy solutions.