Let’s explore a significant innovation in the portable power of inverter generators. It has become a topic of interest for its unique benefits over conventional open-frame and standby generators. At CD Power, we recognise the importance of informed choices, so let’s delve into what sets inverter generators apart and whether they’re the right choice for you.

What is an inverter generator?

Inverter generators are distinct due to their electronic mechanism that regulates the power supply. Unlike conventional generators that run at full capacity regardless of demand, inverter generators adapt their output based on the power required. They only work as hard as necessary, leading to significant fuel savings, reduced emissions, and lower operating noise levels.

The ability to adjust power output makes inverter generators more fuel-efficient and presents considerable financial benefits over time, outweighing the initial cost.

Are silent generators and inverter generators the same?

While both silent and inverter generators aim to reduce noise, their approach and technology differ. Silent generators are typically designed with noise reduction materials and structures, like sound-attenuating enclosures, to dampen the noise physically. On the other hand, inverter generators inherently operate more quietly due to their electronic mechanism that adjusts the engine’s speed to the power load, reducing noise at the source.

Inverter generator vs generator

An inverter generator has three clear advantages: weight, reduced operating noise level, and mobility. These features make them an excellent option for portable power needs. Their functionality resembles modern HVAC systems with inverter technology, offering more efficient operation and reduced costs.

Compared to conventional open-frame generators, the portability of inverter generators is immediately evident. Their design allows easy transportation and use in various settings, from home to outdoor activities. Their significantly quieter operation further enhances this flexibility. Even at full capacity, inverter generators can be up to 50 dBA quieter than open-frame models, a difference that’s hard to ignore in noise-sensitive environments.

Inverter generator recommendations from CD Power

When considering the purchase of an inverter generator, choosing a model that aligns with your specific needs is essential. At CD Power, we have Pramac P3500i and Pramac P2200i.

Pramac Inverter 2200i HAU

Thanks to its stable inverter technology, the Pramac P2200i Inverter Generator is perfect for safely powering sensitive electronics. It’s lightweight, portable, and operates quietly, ideal for various applications. The generator features an economy mode for excellent fuel efficiency and noise reduction and includes USB ports for charging devices. Essential accessories like an oil bottle, funnel, and plugs are included, making it a practical choice for those needing a reliable, easy-to-transport power source.


The Pramac P3500i Inverter Generator is a top choice for those requiring stable, reliable power. It features advanced inverter technology for safely powering sensitive electronics and an OHV engine that ensures consistent power across various applications. Its low-oil level shutdown feature adds safety by protecting the engine from damage.

The generator is designed for efficiency, with an economy mode that reduces fuel consumption and noise. It’s also user-friendly, offering USB ports for charging devices, and is lightweight and easy to transport. Ideal for low-noise environments, it comes with a parallel kit connector and essential items like an oil bottle, funnel, and plugs, all included for convenience.

Choosing between an inverter generator and a traditional open-frame model depends on your power requirements and budget considerations. Inverter generators excel in efficiency, noise reduction, and portability. While the initial cost may be higher, the long-term benefits of fuel savings, environmental friendliness, and noise control are compelling reasons to opt for an inverter generator.