In the hunt for the best generators to meet the distinct needs of various industries and recreational domains such as camping and caravanning, one needs to consider a myriad of factors, including the type of fuel and whether a stationary or portable solution is required. Here, we spotlight the best generators in Australia from leading brands, including Kubota, CD Power, Deutz, and Pramac, to guide you in making the most informed choice.



A giant in the realm of agriculture, construction, and small-scale businesses, Kubota offers solutions that blend efficiency and reliability, primarily leveraging diesel as the fuel type. Kubota ranks high in the list of best generators to buy for both stationary and portable needs.

Best Choice: Kubota LowBoy GL6000 and Kubota LowBoy GL9000

Generator Type: Stationary
Fuel Type: Diesel
Compactness: With a design crafted to suit restrictive spaces, these models are among the best generators on the market.
Reliability: Benefit from the proven performance of Kubota’s robust diesel engines.
Fuel Efficiency: Experience sustainable power output with fuel efficiency that is unmatched.

CD Power

A steadfast name in the Australian market, CD Power caters to diverse industrial needs as well as camping and caravanning, offering a range of generators to buy that run on both diesel and gas. Their portfolio includes both stationary and portable generators, marking them as a top choice for the best generators in Australia.

Best Choice: CD Power Series

Generator Type: Stationary and Portable
Fuel Type: Diesel and Gas
Customisation: Find a generator to buy that meets your unique demands with the extensive customisation options from CD Power.
Durability: Built to withstand Australian environments, promising longevity and reliable service.
Local Support: Enjoy the reliability of Australian customer support, ensuring you have the best generator solution at hand.



Deutz, a representation of German engineering precision, primarily offers diesel-fueled stationary generators, making them a reliable choice for the best generator for manufacturing and industrial setups, ensuring a stable power supply.

Best Choice: Deutz Air-Cooled Series

Generator Type: Stationary
Fuel Type: Diesel
Innovation: Leverage the innovative technology of Deutz, promising top-notch performance in every unit.
Cooling Technology: Experience the best generator series that maintains optimal operating temperatures for a longer lifespan.
Environmental Friendliness: Align with sustainable choices with Deutz generators, designed for lower environmental impact.



Pramac emerges as a reliable ally in healthcare and hospitality, providing petrol and diesel variant generators. They are also a favourite generator for camping and caravanning adventures, with both stationary and portable offerings, establishing them as a trusted name among the best generators Australian market.

Best Choice: Pramac P Inverter Series

Generator Type: Portable
Fuel Type: Petrol
Lightweight and Portable: Designed with a focus on portability, this series is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts seeking the best generator for their adventures.
Fuel Efficiency: Enjoy a balance of powerful output and economical fuel consumption with Pramac, a top generator to buy.
Silent Operation: Preserve the peace in your surroundings with the silent operation feature, enhancing your outdoor experiences.

Be it for industrial applications or recreational adventures, identifying the best generator that meets your specific needs is vital. Explore the CD Power website for insights on the best generators in Australia to buy, guaranteeing a reliable power solution for years to come.