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Pramac RSS- Remote Start Stop Wireless with Connector


$414.70 (incl. GST)

RSS Remote start/stop wireless with CONNector (max Distance 90m)

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General Instructions:

  • Connect the Wireless Receiver with the CONN connector to the S or P series PRAMAC Portable Generator with a CONN connector remote plug/socket & turn the key onto the “ON” position to power the Receiver
  • With a phillips head screwdriver, unscrew the 2 screws on the metal Receiver on lead side with the CONN connector (opposite to the aerial)

  • Carefully slide out the circuit board so that you can access the “Learn” button which is a common programming button for wireless devices with remotes. This is located on the top RHS of the top side of the circuit board
  • Press & release the “Learn” button which the indicator LED will light up for 30 seconds
  • Within the 30 seconds from pressing the “Learn” button, press & hold the “Choke” button (for the petrol models) or the “Start” button on the additional remote
  • Release the button once the LED indicator light flashes which means it has learnt the code & the remote can be used with the Receiver.
  • Test all buttons to make sure all is working before you put the Receiver back together.

*RSS: Remote Start Stop



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