Kubota Diesel Generator KJ-T180-AU-B Series

The Kubota PX-316KU3 diesel generator is a quiet, efficient, reliable, and economical alternative to your power generation needs.

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The Kubota KJ Series, PX-316KU3 model is a four-pole, fully cabinet-style single phase diesel generator. It’s much quieter, provides cleaner and dependable power, and much easier to use than its counterparts. Regular use of this machine assures increased safety yet simple maintenance, providing a longer service life and an ideal and economical solution.

The engines used in these machines incorporate the TVCS combustion system that ensures air and fuel mixture is improved, providing environmentally-friendly emissions.

The self-excited and brushless type of alternator ensures high-quality power, while the sound is minimised due to the applied Kubota technology even at full load.

All rotating parts of this generator are enclosed in sturdy material, while its engines are well-protected against possible abnormalities in the cooling or oil systems.

It has a digital control panel so operating it will be quick and easy.


Data Specs

Design Revolving field, self-excited brushless AC generator
Frequency Hz 50 50 50 50 50
Standby Output kVA 13.8 25.3 13.8 19.8 33.0
(kW) (13.8) (25.3) (11) (15.8) (26.4)
Continuous Output kVA 12.5 23.0 12.5 18.0 30.0
(kW) (12.5) (23.0) (10.0) (14.4) (24.0)
Voltage-single phase V 240 240 240 240 240
Voltage-3 phase V — — 415 415 415
Phase & Wire 1 Phase 4 Wire 1 Phase 4 wires 3 Phases 12 Wire 3 Phases 12 Wire 3 Phases 12 wires
Power Factory 1.0 1.0 0.8 0.8 0.8
No. of Poles 4-Pole 4-Pole 4-Pole 4-Pole 4-Pole
Insulation Class H Class H Class H Class H Class H
Voltage Regulation % 3.5 (No Load to Full Load) 3.5 (No Load to Full Load) 3.5 (No Load to Full Load) 3.5 (No Load to Full Load) 3.5 (No Load to Full Load)
Type of Coupling Direct drive Direct drive Direct drive Direct drive Direct drive

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