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Kubota 5KVA Generator GL6000A-AU-B

Kubota 5KVA Generator GL6000A-AU-B


CD Power provides Kubota diesel generator with output ranging from 5.5 to 30kVA. Kubota 5kVA generator has a rated output of kVA 5.5.

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The Kubota Diesel Generator GL6000 is a direct-coupled and single-phase diesel generator, which is excellent use as back-up power for residential or business. The Kubota GL6000 is powered by the superior and reliable Kubota Z482 water-cooled engine that is fuel-efficient.

Kubota Generator GL6000A-AU-B has a rated output of kVA 5.5 8 at 3000 revolutions per minute. The sound level won’t cause noise due to its built-in muffler, longer air-cleaner hose, and improved inlet vent design.

One of the key features is its compact design because of the direct coupling of the engine crankshaft, which ensures 100% reliable supply. The large capacity of the fuel tank at 28 liters can provide you with a continuous operation time of 12 hours at full load. The generator has a protective cover and double circuit protectors for safety.

The automatic shutdown system will kick off when there is a case of abnormal oil pressure or high water temperature. For cleaning and maintenance, the single-sided access of the generator is a plus too, makes for a quick inspection whenever you need. Picking it up with a forklift should be effortless and straightforward now that there are pockets for forklifts in the base of the generator.

There are two options of controller you can choose from. Kubota GL6000A-AU-B is an analog model with an auto-start module kit. If you need the digital control panel, select the Kubota GL6000D-AU-B.

CD Power provides scheduled maintenance services and experts who facilitate reconditioning, repowering, and parts replacing of Kubota Diesel Generators.

Product Features:

Technical Specifications:
Frequency Hz 50
Rated Output: 5.5 KVA
Rated Amperage: A 22.9
Model: GL6000
Voltage: 240 V
Speed: 3000 RPM
Power Factor: 100%
No. Of Poles: 2
No Of Phase: 1-Phase
Fuel Tank Capacity: 28 L
Emergency Stop Button
Lockable Battery Isolator
Sound level @ 7M: 66.5 dB
Insulation: Rotor Coil: Class F
Stator Coil: Class B

Weight and Dimensions:
Weight (kgs): 235 kg
Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 1066 × 618 × 698


Design — Salient-pole, revolving-field AC generator (AVR system with separate
and self- excitation brush)

Frequency Hz 50
Rated Output (COP)
kVA 5.5 8

Rated Voltage V 240
Rated amperage A 22.9
Phase & Wire ø-W 1-2
Power Factor % 100
No. of Poles — 2
Insulation — Rotor coil: Class F, Stator coil: Class B
Voltage Regulation % 5 (No load to full load)
Total Harmonic Distortion % 8 (No load), 22 (Full load) 4 (No load),
Type of Coupling — Direct coupled