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Generator Set Enclosure by Deutz for G-Series DPS 44 DG

Generator Set Enclosure by Deutz for G-Series DPS 44 DG


This enclosure for the G-Series DPS44DG generator will not disappoint because we guarantee it will bring you nothing but high-quality solutions.

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The Deutz G-Series DPS 44 DG G2 enclosure is a great investment for your generator as it is built from quality and durable materials making it highly robust and worth every penny!

This acoustic enclosure is specifically designed to suit different environmental conditions to fully protect your generator and make it run the way it’s supposed to.

This enclosure boasts a variety of benefits for your generator:
•Protection from extremely high and low temperatures
•Sun-damage protection
•Water-damage protection
•Dust protection
•Pests prevention
•Outstanding noise attenuation

Deutz is one of the leading brands in providing top-class power solutions for all kinds of needs. Deutz has a presence in over 130 countries and has been known for its quality products and cutting-edge technology.


“Rated speed rpm 1500
Rated voltage, 3 phases V 415/240
Rated apparent power (PRP), 3 phases kVA 40
Rated apparent power (LTP), 3 phases kVA 44
Nominal current (LTP) 415 V,3 phases A 62”