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Deutz G-Series DPS 220 DG Generator – Deutz Australia

Deutz G-Series DPS 220 DG Generator – Deutz Australia


CD Power offers Deutz generators that are uniquely designed to suit Australia’s unique environment and conditions. Check for more product details.

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Deutz power generators are specifically designed to suit Australia’s unique environment and conditions. We offer world-class quality, reliability, fuel economy, and performance that meets market requirements.

All power generator sets are tested to stringent Deutz standards. You can be assured of the quality and performance these generators deliver. The standard DPS package has various features and still allows customization to meet your needs.

The power generators are offered in two variants: Open Frame (OF) and Sound Proof (SP).

The standard package has a heavy-duty base frame and bonded base fuel tank. The control panel offers a visual display of engine and alternator parameters. You can monitor the engine with ease, and the remote comes with a shutdown system.

The package also includes an engine oil extraction pump. You no longer have to look at other stores to start your generator as everything is included in the package.

We also offer different options to meet your needs such as extended range fuel tanks, a synchronising control panel, and a power outlet distribution board. You can add any of these options to the standard package we offer.

It has a four-point lifting arrangement that makes it easier and convenient when you need to move it on a different location. The G series has a low engine fuel consumption making it cost-efficient without affecting its performance.

One of the key benefits with the DPS 220 DG is the compact design. This saves more space and with the robust design acoustic enclosure, you’re assured that the noise generated is minimised. For more information, check the technical specifications below.

Technical Specifications:
Rated speed: 1500 rpm
Rated voltage (3 phases): 415/240 V
Rated apparent power (PRP), 3 phases: 200 kVA
Rated apparent power: (LTP), 3 phases: 220 kVA
Nominal current: (LTP) 415 V,3 phases: 311 A


“Rated speed rpm 1500
Rated voltage, 3 phases V 415/240
Rated apparent power (PRP), 3 phases kVA 200
Rated apparent power (LTP), 3 phases kVA 220
Nominal current (LTP) 415 V,3 phases A 311