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Deutz F2L2011, 2-Year Warranty


Deutz F2L2011 have a compact design belies its robust power output and reliability, making it a versatile choice across various industries. Known for efficiency and durability, it’s a trusted workhorse in countless applications worldwide.

Price on Application
24 Months or 1500 hours Warranty
Low fuel consumption
Long oil change intervals of up to 1000 hours
Optimised combustion
High reliability combined with durability
4-cylinder also with turbocharging
Price Beat Guarantee
100% Independent

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Engine ModelUnits
Engine ModelF2L2011
Material Number81406151
SpeedRPM 2800
Emission LevelEU Stage II
US EPA Tier 2
Cooling MediumAir – Oil



  • 2800RPM
  • Air-Oil cooled engine with integrated cooling system
  • 2 Cylinder naturally aspirated inline engine
  • High reliability combined with durability – No corrosion or cavitation due to oil cooling and lubrication


  • Construction Equipment: The Deutz F2L2011 engine is often utilized in small construction machinery such as compact loaders, mini excavators, and skid steer loaders. Its compact size, reliability, and efficient performance make it ideal for powering these types of equipment on job sites.
  • Agricultural Machinery: Farmers and agricultural workers use the Deutz F2L2011 engine in a range of equipment including tractors, agricultural pumps, and generators. Its durability, fuel efficiency, and ability to provide consistent power make it well-suited for agricultural tasks such as plowing, tilling, and irrigation.
  • Industrial Applications: The F2L2011 engine is also employed in various industrial applications such as stationary power units, compressors, and pumps. Its reliable performance and compact design make it a popular choice for providing auxiliary power in manufacturing plants, construction sites, and other industrial settings.
  • Marine: In marine applications, the Deutz F2L2011 engine can be found powering small boats, fishing vessels, and pleasure craft. Its compact size and efficient performance make it suitable for propulsion and auxiliary power in marine environments.


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