Endeavour is The Control Centre for Greater Power Reliability

Re-imagine stand-alone off grid remote power, with unrivalled control for the ultimate in reliability at the right price. Diesel Generators and Solar PV plug into the Endeavour with ease to supply your complete sustainable power solution.

Reliability Begins with Quality

When you want reliability, quality matters. Endeavour is a utility grade enclosure and is built to lastManufactured to withstand Australia’s  remote harsh environment, equipment protection is maximised ensuring ultimate and optimized continuous power reliability.

Independence Maximised

Modular design means flexibility is under your control. Enjoy independent, simple and easy installation, service, maintenance, re-sizing, upgrade, relocation or trade-in. Control change, at any time Easily determine the amount of energy you consume from either solar, diesel generator or battery storage. Be in charge and determine your lowest electrical energy costs, using Endeavour’s flexibility to optimise your power generation to your power consumption.

Control with Knowledge

Endeavours utility grade technology and metering delivers you and your support team knowledge to optimise equipment life and use, and make easy decisions when choosing your power generation mix, both today and in the future.

Endeavour Hybrid Series

The Endeavour® series re-imagines stand-alone remote power, giving you unrivalled control for the ultimate in reliability at the right price.