Case Study Stand-by Power 1280


Anglicare required stand-by power generation for a number of residential care facilities across Adelaide, South Australia.



The primary use of this Tide Power 230kVA diesel generator is for stand-by power generation for a residential care facility. This genset is paired with a self-adjusting 100KW Viking Load Bank which controls the generator to ensure that the generator runs at a minimum of 40% load at all times. The benefit of the load bank is to increase the longevity of the engine. This genset is also remotely started by an automatic transfer switch (ATS). The ATS can identify when mains power is not available and will force the generator to start thus providing the necessary power to the facility. A mimic panel is programmed and installed in the nurse’s quarters which allows staff to monitor generator performance and faults. This ensures that all alarms are readily addressed.

The 230kVA generators are installed with a series of additional safety features to ensure that serviceability and maintenance requirements can be achieved without harming a service technician. These features include a mechanical guard over the turbo of the engine, the exhaust system is wrapped with a volcanic matter-based material and mechanical protection has been installed around the generator circuit breaker (GCB).



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