The Vision

Our objective was to demonstrate that Santos’ remote crude oil beam pumps could operate on 100% renewable energy, thereby reducing costs and environmental impact.

The Challenge

Santos faced a significant technical and logistical challenge in converting a remote oil well to solar and battery power.


CD Power successfully converted 56 oil wells from generator to solar and battery power. Our solution utilised a modular design with solar PV, battery energy storage, and a micro-grid controller. This design not only provided continuous power to the pump but also showcased scalability, flexibility, and the potential for application in other industries.


  • 100% renewable energy for the pilot oil pump.

  • Material reduction in operating costs with solar/battery power.

  • Elimination of wellhead emissions.

  • Improved power quality, reliability and availability.

  • Overcame the challenges of remote, showcased expertise.

  • Modular design for efficient scalability.

  • Potential for broader industry application.


Remote oil wells require a constant power supply, which was previously achieved through emissions intensive unsustainable crude generators.

Solution: CD Power, along with Kaefer and AGL, converted 56 remote crude oil beam pumps to solar and battery power using an EPC contracting strategy. The installation of solar PV and batteries at the Biala-12 oil well in the Cooper Basin provided the site with 100% renewable energy at materially lower operating costs. Biala 12 was equipped with 36 kW of PV generation, a 48 kVA inverter, a 132 kW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), and a micro-grid controller. Since commissioning in October 2018, the system has delivered high-quality, high availability power.


Excess energy generated from solar and battery systems was not being utilised effectively.

Solution 2: Our solar and battery beam pump solution allows excess energy from the system to be used for several purposes, including charging the main battery, maintaining battery ambient temperature, powering communications and providing power to general power outlets. The modularisation of the solar and battery beam pump solution offers several advantages, including the commonality of equipment, efficiency in training and inventory, scalability, and flexibility.



High capital costs associated with 24-hour renewable generation and battery costs remain high.

Solution: We increased system modularisation to enable movable solutions and access to wider financing models, such as leases or power purchase agreements. We also developed multi-use power generation solutions to offset high capital costs associated with 24-hour renewable generation. The project has proven that renewable microgrids comprising solar, and battery can deliver high availability power in continuous load applications in remote harsh environments.


Type : Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

Capacity : 132 kw

Purpose : Store excess energy generated from the solar panels.

Components : PV generation (36 kW), inverter (48 kVA), micro-grid controller.

Functionality : Deliver continuous power to a conventional oil well pump, charge main battery, maintain battery ambient temperature, power communications, and provide power to general power outlets and communications platforms.

Availability : Delivered high quality high availability power since commissioning in October 2018.


1. Reduced carbon emissions

By converting a remote crude oil beam pump to solar and battery power, our solution helps to decarbonise remote oil production sites for Australian Energy Supplier Santos. This helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the oil production process and contribute to the fight against climate change.

Cost Saving

2. Cost Savings

The use of renewable energy solutions like solar and battery power can significantly reduce the associated costs of moving fossil fuels into remote areas where staffing costs are extremely high. This includes reducing the need for fuel logistics, maintenance costs, and remote travel, all of which expose staff to field risk, are expensive and time-consuming to operate.

Increased efficiency

3. Increased Efficiency

The CD Power solution allows for continuous power delivery to the conventional oil well pump, reducing downtime and improving overall efficiency. Additionally, the use of a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and a micro-grid controller ensures that excess energy is efficiently stored and utilised, further increasing the efficiency of the system.

Technological innovation

4. Technological Innovation

The development of rapid deployment techniques for solar panel mounting enables moveable solutions and wider financing models, making the solution more accessible and scalable. This represents a significant step forward in the use of renewable energy solutions for remote oil production sites.