CD Power was challenged to demonstrate the technical and commercial value of the hybrid solar battery generator package for operation on a coal seam gas (CSG) wellsite. This project combines three key elements in a novel and innovative trial:

  • 40kVA generator with gas reciprocating engine
  • Synchronising switchboard with dual power input
  • Solar battery hybrid container consisting of 12kW solar PV and 32kWHr of battery storage


The solar hybrid package delivers a nominal 8kW of power from either the solar and/or battery power supply, and up to 32kW from the gas generator during periods of high demand. The solar hybrid site installation is arranged so that the generator will plug into the solar hybrid container which then connects to the wellsite electrical skid.


The trial will last 3 years, however many of the learnings will be obtained in the initial 12 months. The anticipated technology learnings include:

  • Reduction in generator operating hours and maintenance costs. Target 40-50% reduction.
  • All-inclusive monthly fee with performance based pain/gain sharing (wellsite power availability).
  • Site based maintenance technicians providing an integrated and service orientated team.
  • Local service facility in Roma with additional skilled labour available and 24/7 call out.
  • 20kVA and 40kVA gas generation units developed specifically for the CSG industry.
  • Synchronising switchboards for dual power input allowing continuous operation during maintenance.
  • Plug & Play generator power sizes available to match well performance.
  • Technology innovation plan to lower the $/KWhr cost delivering shared savings.
  • Contract Key Performance Indicators targeting safety, wellsite power availability, power outage responsiveness and schedule.
  • Solar battery hybrid trial for low power demand wellsites.



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