If you have any of the following gas* burning industrial equipment on any of your facilities up to a capacity of 10GJ/hour, then you are almost certain to need Type B Gas Appliance compliance in accordance with AS3814, as well as state legislation, which may require regulatory approval and safety certification.

  • Gas powered reciprocating engine driven
    • Generators
    • Compressors
    • Process Pumps
    • Hydraulic Power Units
    • Beam Pumps drives
  • Gas powered turbines
  • Flare Stacks
  • Process burners and heaters

Failure to adequately address these requirements may mean your Company is in breach of legislation and could face possible legal action from regulatory authorities. CD Power** can assist with your compliance requirements including:

  • Audit of your facilities to assess the full impact of Type B Gas Appliance compliance requirements.
  • Completion of all design engineering including 733 certification, installation and commissioning including 734 certification and associated documentation to make sure that all Type B Gas Appliances are full compliant to AS3814 and relevant state legislation.
  • Re-design, equipment upgrades and re-certification of non-compliant Type B Gas Appliances.
  • On-going regular testing and servicing of your Gas Appliances.

*   Gas includes town gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas or any combination of these together or with other fuels

** CD Power is a certified holder of Queensland Gas Work Authorisation for Industrial Appliances up to a capacity of 10GJ/Hour

For more details on the Endeavour Series contact Greg Harris at CD Power Brisbane 0414 607 575 or Rob James at CD Power Roma on 0407 725 143.