CD Power Service for scheduled maintenance maintains a fully-equipped, full-time expert service team who can respond to your support needs; including reconditioning, repowering and machining around the clock – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Each project we design and deliver is backed up by our highly trained field technicians, who are able to service, upgrade and repair diesel and spark-ignited gas power units throughout Australasia.

As well as boilermakers, machinists, electricians and service specialists, our onsite electrical and diesel technicians can assist with upgrades and the integration of new technology to ensure you are getting maximum efficiency from every unit.

From our workshops in Adelaide and Roma, CD Power can machine and finish most spare parts, thereby significantly reducing waiting times and transport costs.

Scheduled Maintenance

The regular programmed maintenance of your powered equipment is the best way to ensure effective operation. CD Power can tailor a complete programmed maintenance schedule for all your powered equipment – even if we did not install or supply it in the first place.

All schedules are planned to minimise interruption and, where necessary, temporary back-up units can be provided to deliver seamless and undisrupted power supply to your operations.

Emergency Servicing 24/7

Vital equipment can fail at any time and for a host of reasons, which is why CD Power maintains a service crew on call, around the clock, every day of the year.

Many minor issues can be resolved over the phone by our support staff, who will ascertain the nature of the problem where possible and, either help resolve the issue remotely or arrange for a field technician to rectify the problem at the site.

Depending on the location and nature of the repair, we can send a fully equipped service vehicle and technician or have specialist personnel and response equipment on the next available flight.

Reconditioning, repowering and machining

From our workshops in South Australia and Queensland, we can recondition and upgrade a wide range of engines and associated equipment, including all engines, generators and pumps supplied by us.

Where feasible, our technicians can also fit new engines into existing equipment, control systems and drive mechanisms if required.