Hatz Engines

For over 100 years Motorenfabrik HATZ GmbH & Co in Germany has been an industry leader in high quality, innovative diesel engine designs.

HATZ have been supporting CD Power with sales, parts & service support for many years and continue to recommend CD Power to customers across Australia.

HATZ Australia Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of MOTORENFABRIK Hatz GmbH & Co AG of Germany

  •  Hatz is synonymous with the motorisation of professional working machinery in the construction, agricultural and stand-alone engine unit fields.
  • Hatz are one of the largest manufacturers of air cooled diesel engines in the world building heavy duty engines for industrial applications.
  • Hatz engines are renowned for low fuel consumption and long engine life.
  • Hatz engines are certified for the strict US-EPA/CARB and EU regulations covering exhaust emissions.

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