Genaust Power

Genaust Power & Water, 100% owned by CD Power since 2015,  offer a wide range of products designed for maximum flexibility within their particular application. Having developed a successful modular approach in building power generation equipment, our products provide low-maintenance solutions to meet client’s individual needs and designed to be smart without being over-sophisticated.

Established in 1987, the Genaust Power & Water formula for success and growth has been based on sound principles. The design and manufacture of our products is entirely carried out by an in-house team with unparalleled expertise in the industry .

We are a major supplier of capital power generating equipment to all facets of the industry nation wide as well as numerous government departments and instrumentalities, at Federal, State and local level, with significant supply to Papua New Guinea and the Asia Pacific area.

For helpful advice on selecting the right product for your needs call our experienced staff on 08 8162 7300