CD Power will be in the innovation spotlight at the 2018 APPEA Conference and Exhibition, showcasing a cost-effective and reliable wellsite power supply solution.

Presenting during the Innovative Engineering session, CD Power’s Oil and Gas Specialist Greg Harris will address the challenges faced and overcome in delivering a first of its kind solution to the Australian Coal Seam Gas (CSG) industry.

Greg’s presentation will outline the process to re-position the traditional supply and service approach for a major CSG Operator and moving to a Wellsite Serviced Power Supply model – with great success.

‘Typically, energy supply to wellsites in Australia consists of expensive inflexible and slow to install HV cable reticulated to each well,’ Greg said.

‘As wellsites deplete, these HV cables cannot be rerouted, resulting in expensive loss of capital.’

The case study will demonstrate how the effective power solution provided by CD Power, after more the 12 months of operation is delivering wellsite power availability above 99.6%.

The APPEA Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition is the largest annual upstream oil and gas event in the southern hemisphere, attracting delegates from across the country and around the world.

Each year, the conference highlights and defines the issues and challenges of upstream petroleum exploration and development on a national and international level.

For more information on the 2018 APPEA Conference and Exhibition being held in Adelaide from 14-17 May, please visit the website.

If you are attending the APPEA conference, please come and visit us on stand 46.